Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shabby flower pillow turned purse!

I used this tutoral for the main flower: 

and this one for the middle part: 

I need to make the straps longer... hmmmmm. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

So if my name is Jennifer... Who is Franchesca?

That is a great question!
She is my mannequin! My mom got her for me about 5 years ago and I love to dress her up (luckily we wear the same size, although her boobs are bigger!)

Here she is modeling a shirt I appliqued!

Here she again modeling an owl shirt I designed and appliqued:

Franshesca is a lady... she NEVER wear pants! Mostly because she doesn't have legs and is therefore unable to wear pants... Good think I went to Catholic shool/have a skirt fetish and I have an abundance of skirts. 
She generall lives in my bedroom, however she has a new home in my front room/ sewing crafting room! 

I think I am gonna like this :)

First inspired project! Found a lovely tutorial(s) of how to make felt/fabric flowers!
Click here for original tutorial by craft snob!

here is my attempt:

The post just used felt but I tried some printed fabric as well! 
They are so fun and SO EASY! 
Thank you Craft Snob! 

Hey! Hi! and....

Hello everyone! 
I am Jennifer and I so excited to be here! 
I am creating this blog for inspiration, particularly for my sewing and crafting obsessions. I have been into crafts all my life and recently got a much waited for sewing machine as a birthday present.. only 3 months late!